Inside our studio: my journey into digital design

Embarking on a career as a digital designer has been a thrilling and ever-evolving journey for me. From my humble beginnings as an in-house graphic designer, I made the leap to join a specialised digital design agency. Working with renowned brands like eBay, Virgin Active, The Hoxton, and Sky, I honed my skills and expertise in digital design.

In this article, I will take you through a typical day at the design agency, share valuable tips, and provide resources that have helped shape my career.

My journey started as an in-house graphic designer for a retailer based in central London. However, my fascination with the online world and the boundless opportunities it presented compelled me to explore digital design further. Joining a design agency allowed me to immerse myself in the world of digital design and work on exciting projects that pushed the boundaries of creativity.

The catalyst for my digital design career was witnessing the online landscape’s transformative power. As brands shifted their focus to the digital realm, I realised the potential for ideas to transcend traditional boundaries that can come to life in different ways.

Working at Pollitt & Partners, every day is different and filled with new challenges and opportunities. I need to work through various tasks from the moment I step into the studio. From solving complex UX problems, designing high-fidelity clickable prototypes, and collaborating closely with developers to bring our designs to life.

Collaboration is at the heart of our design agency. I work closely with stakeholders, including clients, developers, marketers, and project managers, to ensure that design projects align with the overall vision and objectives. By involving all team members in the creative process, we cultivate a sense of ownership and synergy that leads to successful outcomes.

I have seen software evolve in my day-to-day work and new digital-specific programs emerge. As a result, Figma has become my go-to tool. It’s versatility and collaborative features empower me to visualise designs, iterate quickly, and create interactive prototypes that effectively communicate our ideas to clients and developers alike.

One of the recent projects that stands out to me is the collaboration with Valouran, a brand that blurs the lines between high-end real estate, cutting-edge design, and an aspirational lifestyle. Our challenge was to create a brand and website that exuded elegance and refinement while reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence. The result was an identity that resonated with the brand’s values and target audience.

In the fast-paced world of design, staying updated with the latest trends and industry best practices is crucial. I regularly read articles online, from publications such as Design Week, Medium, and Muzli, to stay informed about emerging trends, innovative techniques, and thought-provoking insights. Additionally, I find inspiration from platforms like Awwwards and Codrops, which showcase exceptional UX and UI designs.

To those starting their journey in digital design, I would offer a few pieces of advice. Firstly, strive to be well-rounded in your skill set. While a strong foundation in UX and UI is essential, it’s equally important to develop skills in writing and communication, project management, and facilitation is similarly important. This holistic approach will set you apart and make you a valuable asset to any team.

Motion design plays a pivotal role in the digital world. To broaden your career prospects, explore After Effects and Cinema 4D. Mastering these tools, you can bring brands to life through captivating animations and engaging visual experiences.

Looking back on my journey, I would have prioritised motion design and its impact on the digital landscape. Investing time in learning and developing these skills would have given me a competitive edge when starting my career.