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Insightful strategy, energetic collaboration, and meaningful design unlock the big ideas.

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Strategy & Insight:

The basics
At its simplest, brand strategy is about defining who you are, what you stand for, how that sets you apart from your competitors and why that’s important to your customers and employees.


The detail
We take on all sorts of brand-related challenges with our clients – from the existential (brand creation) to the expressive (brand communication planning).

Our starting point is always understanding where they are now and where they want to get to. We’ll get under the skin of the challenge by talking to our clients and their stakeholders and examining all the data we can get our hands on – supplementing with our own customer or employee research. 

Our value comes from synthesising information from these multiple sources to offer a clear point of view on potential solutions. Quite often we’re helping clients to articulate something they already suspected but with a slight nuance, but we can also shine a light on a fresh perspective to open up the answer and take them where they need to go.

It’s a blend of art and science – we’ll go as deep as we can to generate ideas and options which are, on the one hand, grounded in fact and logic, and on the other, inspired by creative possibility. The combination allows us to develop strategies everyone has faith in. They win support because people see the answers, see how to get there and believe they can because they feel achievable as well as ambitious.


What does this cover?
Brand positioning development
Brand portfolio strategy and brand architecture
Messaging and verbal identity creation
Brand communications strategy and planning
Employee brand engagement
Stakeholder engagement
Brand-related research

Branding & Identity:

The basics
“What do I need to know?”
“How does this make me feel?”
“Why should I care?”

The key practical and emotive questions a strong and memorable brand needs to answer. We deliver these answers for your audiences, through all channels of brand and visual identity backed by strategy, insight and experience.


The detail
With a strategic foundation in place we get to work on the creative, exploring and interpreting possibilities and pushing boundaries. We craft ideas that land, and distinctive identities that create the stand-out brands needed in a world full of visual content.

We know that emotive storytelling and communication goes a long way in terms of connecting on a deeper level and building trust and loyalty, so our work also focusses on the stories you need to tell and how you tell them.


What does this cover?
Visual identity and logo
Brand ideas
Creative strategy
Storytelling and narratives
Brand guidelines and toolkits
Tone of voice

“Branding is something I am really passionate about. Making people care enough that they give you their time and attention, want to find out more, to participate and act.”

Matt Shelley
Partner and Senior Design Director

Design & Delivery:

The basics
Design is a powerful tool that enables you to communicate what you want to say, to who you want to hear it. Our creative engages and inspires, cuts through and captures imaginations and hearts, with both audiences and employees.


The detail
There’s a lot of design out there, and no shortage of content. How do you inspire and motivate in a world that’s already looking at the next thing?

Using our team’s insight and experience we produce award-winning deliverables that are distinctive, meaningful and beautiful across digital and traditional channels. And we can help you roll it out internally within your business or organisation.

Our work is commercially minded – this means we care about the value our work brings to your business, and how it can change the world for the better.


What does this cover?
Creative roll-out
Digital design
Sonic branding and audio
Film and photography
Print applications
Brand stewardship
Employee engagement


“Great design is a golden thread that delivers your message to your audience. It’s solving complex problems with clarity, simplicity and beauty.”

Matt Shelley
Partner and Senior Design Director

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