As Mölnlycke’s lead global creative agency, we have been tasked with strengthening their brand, spreading their message to advance performance in healthcare.

We partnered on

  • Film
  • Naming
  • Photography
  • Strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign and activation
  • Events

The ambition

Mölnlycke, a globally recognised brand with a reputation for excellence in medical products, approached us with a complex challenge. They wanted to solidify their position as a leading healthcare company while clarifying their relationship with product and technology brands. Tranforming the wound care category with the original less-pain Safetac soft silicone over 30 years ago, Mölnlycke wanted to maintain their innovative spirit and continue to provide superior solutions for healthcare professionals and patients around the world.


The ideas

As Mölnlycke’s global strategic brand agency, we tackled their challenge head-on by working across all areas of the business, from brand to products, including developing a cohesive and consistent brand identity that allowed Mölnlycke to speak as trusted, accessible experts whilst expanding their voice in the digital space.



Drive Mölnlycke thought-leader positioning, with an in-depth understanding of customer needs. Elevating Mölnlycke’s communication strategy to focus more on a holistic approach, emphasising customer needs first and product solutions second. Refocussing from high-quality products to a partner in delivering innovative solutions that help clinicians deliver better outcomes.

“Since we began our collaboration with Pollitt & Partners in 2018, we’ve been very pleased with the results. This is an agency that provides solid strategy and creative designs. It is the first time we’ve worked with an agency that strives to thoroughly understand our goals and challenges. The Pollitt & Partners team strikes that fine balance of being sensitive to our needs while encouraging the organisation to be more daring. Through all this they have earned our trust, and we consider them part of our extended team.”


Frida Wilhelmsson Ulfbratt

Global Marketing Director Brand and Communication, Mölnlycke

Strengthening the brand with a newly defined personality, built from their core strengths as a business: empathy and expertise.

From exploration to execution: our thinking was cemented in a style guide which was delivered globally. It included the core components of the evolved brand from strategy through to verbal and visual identity.

Mepilex Border Flex 

Mepilex Border Flex is one of Mölnlycke’s leading dressings. A soft silicone, flexible dressing that is designed to stay on and uniquely conform thanks to its patented technology; Safetac. Whilst the product portfolio grew to accommodate new shapes and sizes, we evolved the Flex Family brand to establish creative consistency and impact through photography, visual identity and tone of voice. 


9 out of 10 surgeons preferred Biogel gloves for their fit, feel and comfort and yet the product brand was struggling to differentiate itself from the competition. Marketing to date had been focussed on quality and performance, but it wasn’t cutting through. We elevated the brand positioning so that Biogel was not just seen as a glove to protect hands but as a surgical tool to enable precision.

‘Precision at every touch’ helped the brand re-establish their leadership position in the market whilst providing a strong and assertive foundation for ongoing visual and verbal communications.